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Customer Reviews

"The final result was far better then we expected and for less cost! Our customers compliment us on the store every day. We are delighted with Greg’s company and recommend him highly."
Dave Horan; President

Zsa Zsa Intima Collezione

Re: Reference for Greg Sheres
I am pleased to serve as a reference for Greg Sheres. I am a co-founder and work on the senior leadership team at Ascendant FX Capital, a Toronto based financial technology company that provides foreign exchange hedging and international payment solutions to commercial enterprises throughout the United States and Canada. Ascendant FX serves over 1500 banks in the US, and corporations of all sizes consisting of several iconic brands.
I have known Greg for nearly 10-years and maintained a very close relationship with him during the time he and his family lived in British Columbia, Canada. I found Greg to be a devoted husband to his wife Eva and loving father to his children. He is beloved by his friends as someone who cares for their well-being and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to witness Greg’s outstanding work ethic, his passion and commitment to serving his clients and his professionalism. This resulted in our firm engaging Greg to design and fully furnish a satellite head office in Victoria, BC.
We found Greg to be very understanding, thorough and receptive during the course of the project. He determined our wants and needs, presented recommendations and concepts and when everyone agreed he executed the plan and all of the work was completed in a timely manner. The end result was amazing – everyone loved the office. When my colleagues from Toronto visited, they were all pleasantly envious.
Greg is one of those rare individuals who seamlessly combines business integrity and professionalism with care of family, friends and community. I would recommend him without hesitation and would be pleased to talk further about his character and experience at any time. 
Bernard Beck
Executive Vice President
Compliance, Legal and Governance Office

The Joseph Richard Group has been a customer of Greg Sheres Inc. since 2013. In that time, we have experienced excellent customer service when working with Greg and he has consistently helped us achieve our vision for all of our establishments with his attention to detail, quality material and the overall care and commitment that he puts into all of our custom requests and finishes. We would highly recommend Greg Sheres Inc. to any company who is interested in custom furniture and finishings.
Ryan Richard Moreno
Joseph Richard Group

We have recently completed a major project to create a new medical-physiotherapy facility in Victoria, BC.

We have a beautiful new clinic that is bright, vibrant, and fun and much of this is credited to the innovative designs and support from Greg Sheres.  Greg comes with extensive experience in furniture design and solutions.  Greg came to us with a fresh approach-deep knowledge and competitive pricing models.

I would without reservation, recommend Greg's involvement in projects of this magnitude.
I had strong reservations about delivery and implementation of significant products coming from China.  I had concerns about quality and service.

All my fears were unfounded as we came in umder budget, on time, and expectations were met with pricing significantly under the competition.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish further conversations.


Stefan Fletcher

CEO. Rebalance MD.

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