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  • Greg Sheres

Thankful that I get to make beautiful things

For many years I just worked. I designed. I made prototypes. I traveled. I sold my pieces at trade shows. I was in this cycle for many years. Only recently as I look at my websites, and the files in my office do I notice how much I have done already in my life. I was designing and producing some beautiful things and I got paid to do it! How lucky am I?

And I am still getting to do it! And all of the good feelings I can associate with it are with me. There is not tax on that. I get to keep all of it! Sometimes I may have wondered if I made the right decisions with my life. Looking at it now I have no regrets. Only gratitude.

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients over the years who's support

made this possible for me.

Greg Sheres

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