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Guinness Pub and Restaurant

Guinness through their parent company Diageo opened a brewery and tourist destination in the outskirts of Baltimore, Md.  The facility includes 2 bars, 2 independent restaurants, a large outdoor dining area, a gift shop, and a museum.  We were contracted to work with their British design firm to develop and produce various furniture for all of the spaces.  Their creative director requested a combineation of industrial modern and mid-centure modern themes.  Everything was made custom on a short timeline.  

Wood and metal barstools to match the original barstools in the Dublin Guinness Pub.  More modern leather and steel barstools for the upstairs bar.  Leather and wood mid-century chairs with tartan plaid fabric accents for the lounge seating.  Solid wood table tops with adjustable heavy steel bases were also made for the more casual seating areas as well as wing chairs and sofas.  Outdoor tables and benches were all powder coated aluminum frames.


Large restaurant and bar complex


Baltimore, Maryland.  USA


Dining chairs, bar stools, occasional chairs, sofas, tables, outdoor tables and benches.

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